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The Owners section is where Lincoln Spencer Apartments shareholders and residents can view important building information such as policies and announcements. This section contains information derived from the corporation’s By-laws, Proprietary Lease, House Rules and other documents and is presented in a manner which is intended to be accessible and generally informative.

Please note that if any discrepancy arises between the language of the Proprietary Lease and information contained on this website, the terms of those documents will prevail and are final and binding. Please refer to the Terms of Use for additional information.

House Rules

House Rules

The house rules have been adopted by the Board of Directors and are applicable to all residents of the Lincoln Spencer Apartments and their guests.

Maintenance fees

Maintenance Fees

For the convenience of Lincoln Spencer Apartments shareholders maintenance fees can be paid online.

Close-up of moving boxes in apartment

Moving Policy

All moves must be pre-arranged with the Property Manager’s office. Before moving please review the complete list of moving policies.

Close up of a house key

Open Houses

The Co-op only allows persons to advertise “OPEN HOUSE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY” and has setup guidelines that should be followed.

A small dog and a kitten lie at home

Pet Policy

Some pets are authorized for residents of Lincoln Spencer Apartment. Review these guidelines and download a pet agreement.

No Smoking LED sign

Smoking Policy

Lincoln Spencer’s Smoking Policy applies to any smoke or odor-producing burning substances, regardless of the nature or legal classification of the substance

Close-up of a sublease agreement

Sublet Policy

Shareholders are eligible to apply to sublet their apartments after completing the mandatory residency requirements.

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Visitor Policy

Occasionally, shareholders wish to allow unaccompanied guests to use their apartment in the shareholder’s absence.