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Open House Policy
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Open Houses Are Prohibited

In past years, Lincoln Spencer Apartments, Inc. allowed open houses to be held in the building to accommodate the requests of residents and their agents to show apartments to unlimited numbers of  persons without appointment on any given day.  Unfortunately, the practice became disruptive on many levels, caused crowding in the lobby and overburdened the elevators. Additional costs were incurred to increase staffing levels to handle the crowds. The situation was considered a potential compromise to the safety of residents and quality of life in the building. As a result, the Board of Directors permanently banned Open Houses in 2003.


Open House “By Appointment Only”

Many apartment seekers search web real estate listings using terms such as “open house”  and the Co-op  does not want to limit the opportunities of its residents to be identified as a potential sale or sublet listing. Therefore, the OPEN HOUSE “BY-APPOINTMENT-ONLY” POLICY is allowed subject to the following procedure:

  • Notify the Building Superintendent at least three days (72 hours) prior to the date the event to request authorization. Only one “Open House By Appointment Only” event will be authorized in the building per day.
  • Events will be scheduled on a “first-come/first-served basis.”
  • No later than the morning of the event, provide a list of all appointments, including names and arrival times, with the Doorman on duty and Building Superintendent.
  • All persons must be greeted in the lobby and escorted by the host of the event.
  • Only persons who have an appointment will be allowed access to the apartment.