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Pet Policy
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Only Shareholders are permitted to maintain pets in the building. Subtenants are not permitted to have pets. Authorized pets are dogs, cats, fish and caged birds. Other small animals may be permitted upon request, subject to Board approval.


  • Only one dog or one cat generally is permitted per apartment. However, upon written request, the board will consider a second pet depending upon size and breed of the pet.
  • Dogs of a breed which, when fully mature, exceeds 40 pounds in weight are generally not allowed. Certain breeds are considered inappropriate for multiple dwellings and are excluded regardless of size. They include, but may not be limited to, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers and Pit bulls.
  • Aggressive behavior, excessive growling, barking or noise that may disturb residents is considered a violation of this policy, and will be grounds for revocation of the pet authorization at the sole discretion of management.
  • No dog or cat is allowed to play, wander in or otherwise occupy public areas at any times. Dogs must be on a leash or in a crate when outside of the pet owner’s residence; cats must be crated or carried when in common areas.

Compliance Requirements

  • All dogs and cats must be registered with the office of the Managing Agent.
  • The registration fee is $100.00 per dog or $50 per cat per year and will be billed to the shareholder’s account annually.. This fee will be used to offset the additional costs of cleaning up after pets and administering the pet policy. Owners of cats and dogs must execute the attached Pet Agreement.
  • Dog owners in the building must comply New York State law requiring all owned dogs to be licensed, and the New York City Health Code which requires a dog license tag be attached to their dog’s collar while in public. Specific information about mandatory licenses, leash laws and more is available at nyc.gov using the search term “pets.”

General Provisions

  • All dogs must be curbed and pet owners must clean up after their pet in accordance this policy and with New York City law. Pet owners are expected to immediately clean up any soiling of the premises by their pet, and to report it to the building staff for further cleaning and sanitizing. Any damage caused by a pet will be the responsibility of the pet owner and clean-up costs charged back to the shareholder’s account.
  • Building staff are not permitted to walk, feed or care for owner’s pets while on duty.
  • Pet Emergency Rescue: Upon registration, an Emergency Pet Rescue sticker will be provided. See Pet Agreement for details. Only the approved sticker may be affixed to the apartment door.
  • Violations: Any shareholder who fails to comply with the provisions of this policy shall be subject to additional fees while the violation continues. The Pet Policy is part of the House Rules and failure to comply is a violation of the Proprietary Lease.

Pet Agreement