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Vehicles Operated by Lithium-Ion Batteries Prohibited

by | Mar 24, 2023 | Announcements

No electric bicycles, scooters, or similar e-mobility devices or vehicles using lithium-ion batteries (“LI vehicle”) are permitted in any apartment, on terraces, decks, balconies or any other spaces appurtenant to any apartment, or in the common areas of the building, including but not limited to the public halls, lobbies, basement, laundry room, elevator and stairways (collectively the “premises”). No person shall permit any LI vehicles, whether belonging to a resident or to their guests, employees, agents, visitors or any other persons to be brought into, kept, charged or stored in the premises. In the event that a violation of the foregoing policy results in a fire at the premises, the shareholder who brought the LI vehicle into the premises or whose subtenant, visitor or guest brought the LI vehicle into the premises, shall be held responsible for any damage or injuries resulting from the fire. It is each shareholder’s responsibility to assure compliance with this restriction by subtenants, guests or other visitors.

If you have a disability and are in need of a lithium-ion battery powered wheelchair or similar disability-related mobility device, please contact your Property Manager.

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